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"The Steampunk Queen" Overbust Corset


"The Steampunk Queen" Overbust Corset

For those who desire the most exquisite in Steampunk finery, we now offer this delightful gem! Steampunk overbust corset, cut in a daring Ecstasy pattern, in a chocolate brown brocade, with brown faux leather front strap with buckle, antique finish buttons and hanging chain accents.

This corset also features incredibly elaborate hand-applied metal beadwork on the bottom front half of the corset, in a pattern of clockwork gears, and swirls. Side opening metal zipper with lace-up back with a deluxe special gold finish engraved metal lacing bone and 6" wide modesty panel. Featuring real spiral steel bones for support. Fully lined with 100% cotton. Includes 6 suspender loops.

Closeup of the incredibly detailed hand-done metal beadwork

Unlike our other prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) sizes, this corset is only currently offered in the following sizing:

Size XS (US-4), Size S (US-6), Size M (US-8), Size L (US-10), Size XL (US-12), Size 2X (US-14)

All sizes: $455.00 US

Front length: 10.5 inches (26.6 cm)
Bust to bottom length: 15.5 inches (39.3 cm)
Side length: 12.5 inches (31.75 cm)
Back length: 13.25 inches (33.6 cm)
Boning: 12 spiral steel bones are distributed all around the corset and 2 metal special lacing bones at the back.
Side opening: metal zipper
Back Lacing: 25 foot long lacing and 2 x 12 grommets in the back