Exquisite prêt-à-porter and custom-tailored corsets

Choosing Your Corset

When choosing your corset, you should ask yourself a few questions regarding your specific corset needs:

• Have you ever worn an authentic steel-boned corset before? If so, have you worn it for extended periods? (4 hours or more at a time)

If you are not used to wearing a steel-boned corset for long periods, you may wish to consider purchasing an Underbust/Waist Cincher corset model to start with, as most corset novices find them more comfortable and easier to get used to wearing.

It might be a good idea to consider upgrading your Overbust or Underbust corset model with the
optional spiral steel boning, which is much more flexible and comfortable when wearing your corset for longer periods.

• Where do you plan on wearing your corset the most? Indoors, outdoors?

If you are wearing your corset primarily outdoors, such as at a Renaissance Fair, you may want to consider how well the delicate detailing on your corset may fare when faced with harsher conditions. For example, an extremely detailed beaded and sequinned corset may not be the best of choices in this situation.

Also, if you are facing hot or muggy summer temperatures when wearing your corset at an outdoor event, then an Overbust Corset model may prove to be a bit difficult for many women. It might be worth considering whether an Underbust/Waist Cincher model might be more comfortable for you to wear during warmer weather.

• What kind of activities do you plan on doing while wearing your corset? Do you plan on just "sitting pretty" or do you plan on walking, dancing, or moving around a lot while wearing your corset?

Generally speaking, Underbust/Waist Cincher corsets have a higher comfort level than a full Overbust corset, especially for those who have not had much experience with authentic steel-boned corsets. Overbust corsets are a bit more restrictive in terms of general movement and flexibility; this can be improved greatly, however, with the upgrade to the highly flexible
steel spiral boning option.

If you are particularly active and will be wearing your corset on a regular basis (such as with a Renfair reenactor, or costumed animator), then you may want to upgrade to both the spiral steel boning for greater flexibility, as well as the special lacing bone for greater long-term durability.

• What kind of figure type are you? Straight-lined, hourglass, curvy, Plus Size?

The female figure has a myriad of shapes, all the way from straight-lined with very few curves, all the way to the Plus-Sized woman with her larger and more curvaceous form. Some women also have a very tall torso, to others have a very short bust to hip length; this can make finding a properly fitting corset more of a challenge. Some corsets models compliment some figure types better than others and you should take this into consideration when making your choice.

If you have a "non-standard" body type or unusual measurements that do not suit our Prêt-À-Porter sizes, you may wish to take advantage of our
Custom-Tailoring Option. This allows you to have the majority of our corset models created specifically to your own personal body measurements -- ensuring a perfect fit!