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Dragon Corsets - Win A Corset Promotions

Dragon Corsets regularly holds promotions in which you can win one of our beautiful corsets. These are usually promoted via Facebook, but we are considering alternative uses of social media to spread word of our company and high-quality corset products.

Dragon Corsets have held three of these promotions so far since December of 2011 and we plan to continue the tradition; so keep tuned for news!

Previous contest winners:

Steel-boned Brocade Underbust Waist Cincher
"Share To Win" Facebook Promotion
December 2011


Wilhelmina Ophelia Kaiser, San Diego, California, USA

"I GOT MY WAIST CINCHER TODAY! Thank you Dragon Corsets! I LOVED the packaging! It has been packaged with love and care in an old-school fashion that I never get to experience. Touched with a lovely scent and wrapped with ribbons and sparkling tissue paper (even little fake rose petals which were perfect!). I am so used to scentless loveless packages thrown together in haste! I didn't want to open such pretty and good smelling packaging! When I finally did, the black brocade waist cincher was amazing! SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY! I can't wait for my chance to try it on and take some pictures! You have to buy from Dragon Corsets for the product as well as the love and attention to detail I just received!"


Steampunk "Clockwork Corset" Waist Cincher
"Like & Share To Win" Facebook Promotion
February, 2012


Tracey Ernst, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Steampunk "Clockwork Corset" Waist Cincher
"Like & Share To Win" Facebook Promotion
July, 2012


Desiree Martin, Georgia, USA